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Oakshed & Sons

We do not inherit our land from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children - ancient Indian proverb.

Also, as we are not alone on our planet and we take care of what we leave for our children, we do not consider the protection of the environment as a marketing argument: at Oakshed & Sons, it is a fact.

The transmission to the new generation is something important for Oakshed & Sons: this is why we have built our product line with biodegradable and natural ingredients, offering the first effective solution - without allergens - and harmless to our Earth. Herbal surfactants, carnauba wax, natural polymers, natural plant extracts and very limited use of mineral oils position our products among the top of the class in terms of eco-friendlyness and effective care!

The majority of our products are defined as 'biodegradable', which means that they have a natural ability to dissolve in their natural state, when subject to sunlight and normal aquatic and microbial activity, from 60 to 100 % in 28 days.

Of course, we are aware that we are not yet able to clean tar with water. It is for this reason that we still have some petroleum distillates in some of our products. But the so low level of these distillates allows us to meet all the conditions for biodegradability of emulsions - guaranteeing you regular, safe household use.

And we push our R&D to achieve 100% biodegradable ingredients, keeping in mind our first priority: to provide you with highly effective products.

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