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Your interior is just as important as the exterior of the car. Whether you use your car a lot or not, it's never nice when the interior is dirty.

The entire interior is first thoroughly vacuumed and cleaned of dust. Everything is then cleaned with a damp cloth and provided with a protective layer that does not give a shine, but makes the interior look natural again.

The windows are thoroughly cleaned and can possibly be treated against fogging. This is especially useful in the winter. Any stains on fabric upholstery and the headliner can be removed.

Does your car have a leather interior? Then you also know the entry damage, those annoying bald spots or scratches in the leather. These can be repaired and colored by means of a leather treatment. Your seats will look fresh and clean again. The leather scent that this treatment spreads in the car will make it feel like new again.

Your car will be thoroughly washed with the 2-bucket cleaning method. After spraying with the high-pressure cleaner and cleaning the rims and tires, the car is cleaned with a chemical cleaner to remove metal particles and industrial pollution from the paint.

After the car has been sprayed, it is washed with a high-quality pH neutral shampoo, the wheel arches are not forgotten either. The insides of the doors are cleaned, also the hinges etc.

The car is treated with clay to tackle the deeper contamination. With this clay we clean the paint thoroughly and the car will feel super smooth because all tar splashes, flies and vermin stains have been removed. After claying, the car is washed again and dried well with a special drying cloth

Now, depending on which treatment is chosen, it is time to inspect the paintwork for swirls (scratches mainly caused by a car wash) and other paint defects.

We mainly polish mechanically and some parts manually. When it comes to a new car, two polishes are usually sufficient. But sometimes polishing is necessary several times depending on the paint defects. Claying and polishing together make up 80% of the result and must be done carefully.

Now that the paint is completely clean, we replenish the oils that were lost to create that showcar shine. For this we use a high-quality glaze which has to cure (withdraw) for a considerable time before polishing it well and then protecting it with a wax layer. Even the tires are provided with a protective layer that gives them a nice shine and makes them look new. The rims also get a sealant layer to better protect them against dirt and brake dust.

For the inside we have the necessary machines to clean carpets and chairs in depth.  

Eliminating small scratches, paint imperfections and spray mist are also possible. For our coatings we work together with a GTechniq accredited partner 

Exclusive cars and SuperCars are not the same as a BMW 1-series or a Volkswagen Golf 6. These cars can quickly lose their value if they are not properly maintained, or not given the attention they deserve.
Even well-maintained cars can be damaged again with the wrong washing method. Washing incorrectly with a dirty sponge or dirty water can cause sand grains to damage the expensive paint.

We consider working on exclusive cars such as Ferrari, Porsche, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, new cars or old-timers a privilege. The treatment for these types of cars deserves special attention, which is discussed together with the owner of the car. We work with maximum focus and care, in order to achieve the best possible result. Your supercar is in good hands and we will treat it with the utmost respect and care.

We can also advise you in the use of the right materials to maintain your car as scratch-free between the major detail turns. These materials can be ordered from CGO68 Detailing and we can demonstrate how to use them properly.

Your car will look like new!